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Welcome to, a site devoted to the appreciation of Life.  At right are portals for pondering, savoring and being inspired by Life.  Visit our Gift Store to buy music, art, videos, books and other items that consider, beautify or celebrate life in some way.  Peruse our quotations, poetry and articles--spend some time pondering and appreciating life.  Consider our reviews if you are seeking products that appreciate the value of life.  "Inspiration" provides images we love, lists of "favorites," and other sources that help to quench one's thirst for elevation.  "Experiences to Savor" provides ways to add excitement, enrichment or serenity to your life.  Please also feel free to join our Membership.  Members can find and chat with like-minded persons and are notified of new products, seminars and events for and organizations with similar  interests.

Savor each moment


as if it were your last,


because one day


it surely will be.