Erik Reed, the founder of Life-Savor, offers informal counseling sessions in person or on the phone at a rate of $20/hour. 

Sessions are often casual and down-to-earth--more like speaking with an inspiring friend than a clinical psychologist.  Mr. Reed loves listening and talking with people and finding out what is important in their lives.  His greatest joy is inspiring people to live fully and to not take their time alive for granted.  Sessions in person can be held over a cup of coffee or a beer or wherever you like.  Sessions can include a walk through town, a round of golf, a fishing trip or a hike through the countryside.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable or seems relevant to your life is fair game in his sessions.

Mr. Reed is not a licensed psychologist, but has served as a friendly and inspiring life coach to countless persons throughout his life.  Every counselor, whether they admit it or not, has a personal or philosophical bias when counseling.  Mr. Reed's approach to life is summed up by the sentiments expressed in  If you feel inspired by, you may find a chat with Mr. Reed to be both fruitful and enjoyable.  Give it a try.  If nothing else, you're likely to make a new friend.  :-)

You may contact Mr. Reed by email at  Appointments can be made for 1-hour sessions, 3-hour sessions, or whatever you think will provide a meaningful amount of time together.  If seeking counseling over the phone, please feel free to use the button below for payment by credit card after scheduling your appointment time and date.  If seeking counseling in person, you may also use the button below to pay, or you can pay in cash or by check.  Mr. Reed lives and works 20 minutes north of Olympia, Washington and offers in-person counseling to persons in the surrounding area.  Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have about payment options or session information.


Payment for Counseling: $20/hour

Please pay only after having scheduled your appointment date and time.

(multiple hours can be specified under "quantity" at time of purchase)