Gift Store

Literature: books, poetry and articles that lead us to reflect and wonder


Music: soothe your soul, reflect on life


Films:  stories that reflect on the value of life and stir your soul, as well as videos that allow you to explore the wonder of the world or to soothe your spirit.


Art & Photography:  Take time to gaze upon the beauty of the world and the sensual dignity of the human soul


Knicknacks: cards, mugs, bumper stickers, logos and more  

Sensual Products: jacuzzis, aromatherapy, candles, incense, and more


Magazines:  magazines for those who want to savor life    


Clothing: t-shirts, caps, etc.



Escapes:  Trips that help you get away from it all and tune into the beauty and wonder of life, the world and your own true self.  Cruises, adventure excursions, spas, retreats and more.